( JAKARTA ) – The story of Prince Royal is not only in Saudi Arabia alone, it turns out in Indonesia also has a handsome Prince of the Kingdom. He is HRH. Tengku Pangeran Abdullah Ali Chandrarupa Wibowo, Duke And Head Family or Pangeran Kapita Yang Terutama of Principality of Kepangeranan Chandrarupanto Patani Shri Tiworo and also Prince And Minister of Culture or Pangeran Perbawa Budaya of Mempawah Kingdom.

As the Prince of the Ki, he is different from the Prince of Saudi Arabia or England whose lngdomives always appear luxurious. This is because, his kingdom only serves as Adat Stakeholder only, since his kingdom declared himself joined the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

Although he does not have political power anymore, but it does not dampen his desire to work in society. He works in art, social, humanity and culture.

Consistently, he has received 149 international awards, including; Honorary Member of the Royal Organization of Mexico, Humanity Award from Brazil, Phenomenal Person from FACE Pakistan, Humanity Award from World Wide Embassy of Human Rights Protection Through Justice and Peace Ukraine, Honorary Major of the Cossack from International Academy of Cossack Belgium, Golden Award All Martial Arts Union Italy, Honorary Sward from CICRAUN USA.

As well as, He also has many great titles from various kingdoms from all over the world, among them are: Pangeran Kapita Yang Terutama from Kepangeranan Chandrarupanto Patani Shri Tiworo,Pangeran Seri Jawatan Terutama from Dewan Hadat Kerabat Diraja Sultan Sulaiman Patani, Datu Raja from Dewan Hadat Kerabat Diraja Sultan Sulaiman Patani,Pangeran Perbawa Budaya from Kerajaan Mempawah, Pangeran Amantubillah from Kerajaan Mempawah

Rajasri Vijaya Bhoomi Ratna from Rajasri Mahavijayarajathi Raja “Maha Vijaya Vansam” Dynasty,Kapita Lau Sidamangura from Kerajaan Tiworo,Kangjeng Pangeran Ario Wira Swara from Puro Pakualaman,Yogyakarta,Yang Mulia Paduka Sri Baginda Raja Muda Abdullah Ali Chandrarupa Wibowo Arya Natanegara from Lembaga Adat Kerajaan Kutai Mulawarman

Principe de Sao Pedro from Casa Real Borghese,Principe di Casa Lovato from Casa Principesca-Granducale of Lovato,Grand Duca Di Calabaria from Grand Duca Di Milano Del Principe Datuk Paduka Sri Setia Diraja from Pertubuhan Pewaris La Madusillat Bugis Melayu

Duke Cagaghjwor from Prior Und Grober,Duca of Fernandez from Real Casa Fernadez,Holy Rusia from Grand Kubensky Rurikovich His Royal Highness from Royal Family of Psyriah His Royal Higness from Royal Family Of Tathorehr

He also recently received special honors and honorary degrees as Honorary Advisory World Peace and Diplomatic Organizations, submitted by HRH.Prince Rajbharata from India as his Vice President

(From left) HRH.Princess Rabharata Upi, HRH.Prince Rajbharata From India Posing Together With HRH.Tengku Pangeran Abdullah Ali Chandrarupa Wibowo,Acc.Mult ,HH.Tuan Putri Dra.RAy. Ida N. Firmanni and HH.Tuan Pangeran Hammad Rudy, Interrupted by World Peace And Diplomatic Organization International Activities.

HRH. Tengku Pangeran Abdullah Ali Chandrarupa Wibowo when awarded as Honorary Advisory of World Peace and Diplomatic Organizations submitted by HRH.Prince Rajbharata from India as his Vice President.

In addition, he has also earned several honorary doctorates or Doctor Honoris Causa from several universities including; Doctor Honoris Causa of Social Humanity from ALB Brazil, Doctor Honoris Causa Diretos Humanos from Scademia Baptist Crunch Brazil, Doctor Honoris Causa of Philosopy in Humanity from KESIE International University South Korea, Doctor Honoris Causa of Humanity from India Management Academy.

“We are trying to make the award as a form of appreciation and motivation for us to be able to work in various aspects in society,” said the man who is familiarly called Prince Chandrarupanto told reporters.

“The Kingdom or the Kingdom of the Republic of Indonesia is no longer functioning as an official government, but it only serves as a social and cultural center, which is in charge of protecting and fostering people with wisdom and moral values,” added the man who is also the Secretary General of the Royal Royal Associtions of Royal and Nobles this.

To note, the Principality of Chandrarupanto Patani Shiri Tiworo is the Autonomous Authority of the Kingdom of Tiworo Buton, whose supreme leader refers to the pedigree of the kingdom of Patani makhota. While the Kingdom of Panembahan Mempawah is an Islamic Kingdom which is currently the region of Mempawah Regency, kalimantan barat or in english West Kalimantan./ (raja paluta)

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